Do you need to register to vote?


Lois’ Little Red Car

“The VoterReg Mobile”


You wanna talk about putting miles on a car? Lois isn’t afraid to drive to the edges of Nevada if it means registering a voter, helping her candidate, or just meeting some nice people.


Hard pack road? No problem! State Troopers? No problem! She’ll register them to vote while they write the ticket!

We’re more than just numbers!

We need to get the disenfranchised back into the system. These voices need to be heard.


If you are not registered or you know someone who needs help getting registered, updating their registration, or any other issues related to voter registration, click CONTACT here or above.

323,090 +

Registered Republicans

476,113 +

Registered Democrats

265,770 +

Registered Non Partisans

59,049 +

New Registered Voters

22 %

Unregistered Adults

6,000 +

2020 Registration Target

Lois meets interesting people on the campaign trail . . .


Mike Pence

General Michael Flynn

Former National Security Advisor

Chairman David Sajdak

Clark County Republican Party

Danny Tarkanian

All around nice guy

Don Jr. and Kimberly

and Friends

“Big Dan Rodimer”

Yes. He really is that big.